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The most popular Entanet eBooks from 2014

{ Posted on Dec 01 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Over the past 12 months partners have found our variety of eBooks very useful in helping them position services to customers even better, learn about modern marketing and selling best practice and understand the ins- and outs- of how more ...Read More »

VoIP – What’s the big deal?

{ Posted on Nov 03 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : VoIP
Are you considering adding VoIP to your portfolio? Now is a great time to do so - Illume recently reported a total of nearly 1.3million hosted VoIP users in 2013 an increase of 12% over six months1 and there are ...Read More »

Are you and your customers protected against VoIP fraud?

{ Posted on Aug 05 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : VoIP
Telecoms fraud is nothing new and as new technologies evolve, unfortunately so do the fraudsters’ tactics. Customers moving to VoIP as the basis for their telecoms are also at risk, so it’s very important you make sure you and they ...Read More »

What are the benefits of moving from ISDN to SIP?

{ Posted on May 06 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : VoIP
Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries from resellers whose customers are looking to move from traditional PBX and ISDN to SIP trunks. But why are they making the move? [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignleft" ...Read More »

Poll: What’s you appetitie for selling hosted telephony?

{ Posted on May 06 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : poll, VoIP
[caption id="attachment_106" align="alignleft" width="130"]Poll[/caption] We believe that partners should be able to capitalise on the full spectrum of services we offer here at Entanet, which is why we’re keen to get your feedback on hosted telephony This service has always been in ...Read More »