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The most popular Entanet eBooks from 2014

{ Posted on Dec 01 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Over the past 12 months partners have found our variety of eBooks very useful in helping them position services to customers even better, learn about modern marketing and selling best practice and understand the ins- and outs- of how more ...Read More »

IPv6 explained

{ Posted on Jul 01 2014 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : IPv6
So, IPv4 is about to run out and we all need to be prepared for this by making sure we can support its replacement, but what exactly is IPv6? How does it differ from IPv4 and how can you explain all ...Read More »

IPv6 – Now available via synergi

{ Posted on Apr 02 2012 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : IPv6, synergi
IPv4 addresses use a 32-bit system and are rapidly running out. They’re therefore being replaced by IPv6 addresses which provide a 128-bit hexadecimal address that has the potential to make available 2128 individual addresses, which is roughly 340 trillion, trillion, ...Read More »