The most popular Entanet eBooks from 2014

{ Posted on Dec 01 2014 }

Over the past 12 months partners have found our variety of eBooks very useful in helping them position services to customers even better, learn about modern marketing and selling best practice and understand the ins- and outs- of how more complex services are provided. Of the fourteen we published, here’s a run-down of the five most popular.

Most popular eBooks of 2014

Most popular eBooks of 2014

In first place – IPv6 Explained

This was by far our most popular eBook of 2014. It explains the importance of IPv6, why it’s needed, the benefits it provides and even what it looks like! To download your copy see our ‘IPv6 ebook’.

Are you using useless Marketing Tools?

In this eBook we provided some really helpful marketing tips and explanations about why you should stop obsessing about on-page SEO, concentrate on blogging quality over quantity, stop wasting time reporting on statistics that mean very little to your business and much more. If you didn’t see it and want to gain some useful marketing tips why not download your copy: ‘Are you using useless marketing tools?’.

Ethernet from start-to-finish

If you’re new to reselling Ethernet services, or just want to improve your existing knowledge, this eBook provides a journey through the Ethernet order from the common business reasons behind adopting an Ethernet solution through its provision stages to completion of installation and ongoing support. It also provides some useful FAQs! To download your copy see our ‘Ethernet – from start to finish’.

5 essential DON’Ts of selling Ethernet

Whilst we are on the subject of Ethernet, we also provided you with a really useful Ethernet selling guide called the “5 essential DON’TS of selling Ethernet”. In this eBook we discuss the importance of not focusing solely on price, the importance of prompt follow-ups, the effectiveness of consultative selling and the importance of future-proofing. Not to mention the valuable opportunities available through up-selling. Get your copy – ‘5 essential don’ts of selling Ethernet‘.

Not last and not least – An insight into IP VPNs

Intimidated at the thought of designing, costing and implementing complex IP VPN solutions for your customers? Don’t be – we can help you at every stage which is why we decided as a first step to create a helpful eBook which explains all about IP VPNs from Entanet, including the options available and some useful FAQs. Download your copy – ‘An insight into IP VPNs‘.

So that’s the 5 most popular Entanet eBooks from 2014 but what about the rest? Here’s the complete list and a link to download them!

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