Consultative selling and collaboration are keys to channels success

{ Posted on Nov 03 2014 }
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We recently sponsored a Comms Dealer round table discussion with a number of key channel players and discussed the increasing need to ‘collaborate’ within the channel and the importance of ‘consultative selling’.

Round table discussion

Round table discussion

“Customers understand far more about the technology, but they don’t know how to put a solution together that gives them exactly what they need for their business,” said John Teague, Managing Director, ITEC. “Sales people have to start understanding the customer’s real requirements. We don’t sell kit so we can have a frank conversation and discuss their needs which ultimately might be a million miles away from their initial perceptions.”

He continued: “You cannot do it all on your own. If you haven’t got the processes in place how are you going to deliver the service properly? Customers are more demanding than they have ever been. They have insights into how these things are done and react adversely when they’re not done to the letter. The way forward for our industry is total collaboration. Stick to what you’re good at, be best at it, and work with other people who are just as good in their particular field.”

This opinion was echoed across the group with Elsa Chen, Entanet’s CEO adding: “As a wholesaler, it’s right to do what we do best and strive to make it even better. Executing processes that add value for the channel is what we do best after all. For example, for the connectivity element of a solution, our specialism in providing the network, the resilience and the support removes the hassle for delivering these from channel partners. They can rely on us to deliver that efficiently and accurately. More widely, relying on collaboration with another organisation is a key challenge when you have to respond to opportunities quickly. In terms of reliability, people need to think carefully about their choice of partner. It’s not about cost.”

The full article will be published in the November issue of Comms Dealer but you can read it in full here.

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