Self-service IP VPNs?

{ Posted on Oct 01 2014 }
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Entanet understands the importance of self-service diagnostics to our customers, as demonstrated by the great feedback we’ve had from partners about the tools in synergi for diagnosing broadband circuits. We’re currently working to extend this visibility of our solutions to IP VPN customers so that they can monitor in real time – and run diagnostics against – their virtual private network and we’d value your input.

Self-service IP VPNs

Self-service IP VPNs

Imagine seeing ‘who’s online’ information and real time network maps detailing the various connections that make up the customer’s network, as well as the current status and capacity utilisation of each of those connections.

Now imagine being able to see detailed statistics and visualisations for all managed devices on the network, including router CPU and memory utilisation percentage, Round Trip Times, Smokeping Packet Loss information and dynamic traffic graphs over user-configurable date ranges. What about accessing a diagnostic virtual machine embedded within the actual customer network that empowers you to work alongside Entanet’s technical support teams to diagnose faults?

Sounds good? We’re keen to hear your feedback on features like these and also any other essential requirements you think you and your customers would need. Please share your thoughts with us using the comments submission below.

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