Ofcom consumer switching – immediate action needed

{ Posted on Oct 01 2014 }
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Ofcom have announced changes to the process of changing broadband supplier. From 20th June 2015, the current Migration Authorisation Code process will be replaced. End users wishing to migrate their broadband will have to use a “Notice of Transfer” process led by the gaining provider.

Consumer switching

Consumer switching

We will be issuing further briefings in the coming months as the details of this are confirmed by Ofcom.

As a prerequisite for this process, any organisation taking an end user’s order for the provision of broadband services must register with Ofcom for a Retailer ID (RID). The RID will be in the form of a three-character alphabetic code.

However, there is an action that partners must take immediately:

  • If you do not already have a RID, you must apply by emailing numbering.applications@ofcom.org.uk using the Subject line “RID REQUEST” to request form S18. The completed form must be returned to Ofcom.
  • Where Entanet partners have their own resellers, those resellers will also need to apply for a RID.
  • A forthcoming synergi release will allow you to store your RID and we will advise in a future partner update how to do this.

It is essential that you apply for a RID as soon as possible as you will not be able to place any broadband orders without one from 16th November 2014.


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