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{ Posted on Aug 05 2014 }
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Tolent Construction, founded in Tyneside in 1983, has successfully completed an impressive range and huge variety of development projects encompassing all types of building and civil engineering work in the public and private sector. After expanding quickly, it is now one of the UK’s top 100 contractors with over 400 staff, with regional offices in Teesside, Yorkshire and London.

Tolent Construction

Tolent Construction

Tolent came to Entanet in 2007 as connectivity became increasingly important to the construction industry. It needed a partner that could deliver high quality connectivity to its various construction sites quickly and effectively to support on-site communications, regardless of geographical locations. Tolent also needed to ensure its head office and regional offices were supplied with fast and efficient connectivity.

By working with Entanet, Tolent created a secure PWAN with a 100Mbps leased line into its head office and 10Mbps connections to each of its regional offices. Critically, it now sets up connectivity quickly and seamlessly at its construction sites using 3G initially until a broadband line is installed on site.

Today, Tolent is currently turning over around 12 sites every quarter, keeping Entanet busy. The two companies have built-up a strong relationship. Tolent’s Network Manager says “Entanet remains a fundamental partner for Tolent. Our data requirements are only going to grow as we put VoIP onto more sites and as the amount of data getting exchanged increases; and as we lean on our document control and document libraries via our communications, we are going to be asking for them to deliver even more from the network. I’ve got every confidence that they’ll be able to meet our needs.”

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