Ethernet – from start to finish

{ Posted on Jun 02 2014 }
Categories : EFM, GEA, Leased Lines

Ethernet orders, whether they be for GEA, EFM or leased lines, are more complex in their delivery than broadband. As most customers aren’t aware of the steps an Ethernet order goes through, it’s therefore important to set their expectations and explain the factors that have to be considered in implementing their service.

Ethernet - from start to finish

Ethernet – from start to finish

At Entanet we adopt a thorough approach to ensuring Ethernet orders are delivered effectively. To help you explain the process to your customers, we’ve created a new eBook that looks at four key factors – what drives an Ethernet sale, how it’s provisioned, what takes place for its installation and how we provide ongoing technical and customer support. The eBook also provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Download our free eBook “Ethernet – from start to finish” now.

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  1. Need to find out instruction on how long the process will take

  2. Hi Amit, if you download the eBook, it gives you an idea on the length of time each Ethernet product takes.

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