Perfect timing for Ethernet?

{ Posted on Feb 28 2014 }
Categories : EFM, GEA, Leased Lines

It seems like leased lines have been around since the dark ages. Whilst they’ve only been available since the 70’s, it’s an incredible amount of time in technological terms.

Perfect timing for Ethernet?

Perfect timing for Ethernet?

Since that time we’ve seen many developments, especially when it comes to cost. Until more recently, they have been hugely expensive and out of the reach of most businesses. It’s for that very reason why we’re seeing such sharp demand for Ethernet based solutions, especially since EFM and GEA were added into the fold.

What’s even better is that, right now, we’ve made it even more lucrative by introducing fixed price bandwidth deals for our 50Mbps and 100Mbps leased lines.

So why should you consider selling Ethernet?

  • Selling Ethernet brings with it ‘sticky’ customers with longer term tie-ins, meaning greater stability of income.
  • It creates a greater opportunity to generate additional business with your customers, especially for those customers with multiple sites and remote workers who’d like to expand to IP VPNs.
  • Selling Ethernet services provides greater flexibility for your customers who need to consider future growth without the burden of requiring complete re-investment.
  • Needless to say, Ethernet brings faster, dedicated, resilient connectivity for your customers, with the added benefit of SLAs.
  • You’re 100% supported by Entanet – we’re here to help every step of the way with training, account management assistance, pre-sales guidance, provisioning and technical support.

If you’d like to get involved in selling high margin, high capacity circuits or you’re interested in taking advantage of our latest offers then give our solution sales team a call on 0333 101 8008 or email Alternatively, you can read more by downloading our special free eBook ‘Ethernet: A piece of cake’, below or find out more by visiting our Leased Line, EFM or GEA pages.

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