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{ Posted on Jan 31 2014 }
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Over the past year we’ve helped hungry partners increase their pipeline of high value virtual private network business by 50% year-on-year.

An Insight into IPVPNs

An Insight into IPVPNs

We’ve done so by guiding them on how to identify opportunities, scope the requirements and sell solutions effectively. By understanding the business benefits that IP VPNs create, you can confidently approach your own customers and help them to discover what a positive impact they can create on their own operations and ultimately their productivity and competitiveness. As an IT communications specialist selling IP VPN solutions, you’ll create long term relationships with ‘sticky’ customers that will provide a strong base to your own business and help support your growth plans.

To help you get started and introduce our IP VPN services, we’ve produced an easy-to-read eBook that highlights their advantages and benefits. Then, whether your customers are looking to replace or improve their current network infrastructure‚ explore implementing a new IP VPN or just understand the possibilities‚ you’ll be able to advise them – with our help.

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