Unlimited Broadband – What demand are you seeing?

{ Posted on Jul 01 2013 }
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It’s been a month now since we launched our BT based unlimited broadband and almost two years since we added unlimited LLU broadband to our portfolio. We now have a collection of 30 unlimited options under our belt, helping you to retain your customers and compete to win new ones.

Get unlimited with Entanet

Get unlimited with Entanet

It’s clear to see that the broadband market is constantly evolving and more users want the peace of mind that an unlimited allowance brings. More of us are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, whether it’s a business running applications over the web or connecting regional offices and remote users together; or they’re a consumer gaming or streaming TV. Despite this though, there are still plenty who are more than happy with a set allowance.

The great thing is, we now have choice and that’s something you can easily take advantage of. With great commissions available and competitive suggested selling prices, it’s a great time to start selling unlimited broadband.

Find out more about our unlimited broadband packages by downloading our eBook. Alternatively contact our partner sales team to get pricing information or just to discuss your options further by emailing partnersales@enta.net or phoning 0333 101 9120.

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