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5 ways to generate more customer enquiries

{ Posted on May 07 2013 by Claire Dutton }
A business can only be successful when it’s generating new customer enquiries. Without them it’ll be short lived. The problem most of us face though is how we go about successfully generating more leads. [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignleft" width="130"] 5 ways to ...Read More »

Cloud computing – a potential game changer for partners

{ Posted on May 07 2013 by Claire Dutton }
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The IT industry is constantly evolving and Internet usage habits are changing rapidly. End users are demanding and moving to more cloud based solutions, and this trend will continue - IDC research shows that companies globally will spend £27BN throughout this ...Read More »

Get unlimited with Entanet

{ Posted on May 07 2013 by Claire Dutton }
UK broadband customers continue to be attracted by the simplicity of unlimited broadband. While many remain satisfied that their usage is more than covered by a product with a defined allowance, for some it simply offers peace of mind that ...Read More »

A year on Entanet review the ASA broadband advertising guidelines

{ Posted on May 07 2013 by Claire Dutton }
We  discussed the details of the ASA guidelines on advertising broadband and the likely impact on our partners, end users and the industry when they first came out. We came to the conclusion that although we recognised that the ASA ...Read More »