Tweet tweet – 20 top tips for businesses

{ Posted on Jan 04 2013 }
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Twitter has grown massively over the last few years especially for business users. With eighty-two percent of the Global Fortune 100 companies owning at least one account¹, it’s obvious to us that Twitter should be made use of, especially when Twitter users are becoming much more involved with brands they use.

Not only that but Twitter is the driving force for conversations about companies, with an average of 55,970 mentions per company per month, compared to just 4,606 from Facebook¹.

Whether you’re new to Twitter or not, we thought it would be useful to note down twenty top tips to follow when using Twitter as a business. We’ve also created an infographic full of business related facts about Twitter.

  1. A social media strategy is needed for any company thinking of delving into the social media world.
  2. Keep your tweets succinct, you only have 140 characters including links.
  3. Keep content fresh – Twitter is ‘real-time’, so there’s no point in stale news.
  4. Make use of your keywords as #hashtags – your updates can be seen by your followers as well as the hashtags.
  5. Use hashtags for online and offline events and promote this on relevant marketing material.
  6. Analyse what your competitors are doing, what tone they are using and what hashtags they use.
  7. Think about what your customers expect from you on Twitter.
  8. Retweet articles relating to your industry, whether it’s something you find interesting, or something that mentions you in the press.
  9. Share photos taken of events, products, charities and anything else relating to your business.
  10. Be original and have some personality.
  11. Spread your tweets throughout the day as people check Twitter at different times.
  12. Monitor the best times to tweet using the likes of
  13. Try not to bombard your followers with too many tweets or you might face being unfollowed. Every 10 minutes is a bit too much!
  14. Respond to tweets from your customers/followers, even (especially) if they are complaints.
  15. Advertise your Twitter account on marketing material including your website, email signatures, newsletters, brochures and not forgetting other social sites.
  16. Follow others – whether it’s your competitors, your customers, trade press or leaders in your industry. You might get a follow back.
  17. Use or something similar to shorten your links and monitor how many people click on them.
  18. Take a look at who your followers are and if possible, check if they are existing customers.
  19. Engage with others by taking a look at what others in your industry are saying and join in.
  20. Search keywords/hashtags to discover more users in your industry, including potential customers.

Twitter infographic

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