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{ Posted on Nov 30 2012 }
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When Entanet partner CCC IT Solutions discovered one of its highly prestigious customers needed to upgrade their connectivity solution to improve resiliency and increase bandwidth they decided to utilise Entanet’s national next generation network to deliver an improved solution.

CCC IT Solutions

CCC IT Solutions

The client had previously been renting a 2Mbps leased line with a fibre connection at its central office but had outgrown this connection and needed more bandwidth to ensure good connectivity with its other locations, which are mostly in rural areas of the UK and where few providers can deliver higher speed connectivity.

By working with Entanet, CCC were able to implement a fully resilient 10Mbps leased line to the customer’s HQ with dual ADSL connections over which secure VPNs are run. It also provided 14 ADSL connections, two for each of the seven rural based regional offices.

“The whole process was trouble-free both for CCC and for the client and the connections have all operated as expected.” states CCC’s Managing Director, Steve Jones. “There is no question that we are a satisfied customer. Having a communications provider you can rely upon is important as it means that we can be sure of keeping our customers satisfied and, at the end of the day, that’s what really counts.”

Take a look at the full CCC IT Solutions case study or to find out how we can help you to implement similar connectivity solutions call us on 0333 101 0000.

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