Partner case study – Resolveit

{ Posted on Aug 30 2012 }
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When an end user customer of Entanet partner Resolveit needed to increase the speed of its Internet connections and improve reliability they suggested implementing two leased lines, one at the HQ site and one at its retail outlet. Unfortunately due to the location of the retail outlet a leased line solution proved impossible so Resolveit investigated an alternative EFM solution with Entanet’s help.

Case study: Resolveit

Case study: Resolveit

This proved to be practical, reliable and affordable for the end user, M-Viron, and has given the company both the extra bandwidth and the 100 percent availability it desired.

EFM is a cost effective alternative to a leased line solution which is often able to solve problems associated with difficult locations and excess charges due to its use of existing copper infrastructure. This also means EFM has significantly shorter installation times and still provides symmetrical speeds of up to 35Mbps with SLA guarantees.

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