Case Study – NHS Trust

{ Posted on Jul 23 2012 }

If you want a suit that fits, visit a tailor. Off the peg solutions are fine, most of the time, but if you really want something that meets your needs precisely then you need to see an expert and the same is true with connectivity services. For Entanet – and therefore for its partners – this is relatively easy as we have our own next generation network. Built utilising Wholesale Broadband Connect to the full, we can design and deliver services to meet exact needs.

Case Study - NHS Trust

Case Study - NHS Trust

This is a big advantage for our partners and we can cite many instances where they’ve won major pieces of business due to our ability to provide bespoke connectivity. For example, when one of our partners was approached by an NHS Trust for a proposal that would meet a very specific set of needs over a large regional area for emergency services, they worked closely with our team to tailor a connectivity solution that fitted the bill.

The Trust needed to ensure that the service would never go down. They needed to link several locations and already had one circuit, but wanted to use another to ensure it had full redundancy. The Trust runs a number of key applications across this network of emergency response centres, as well as providing Internet connectivity for each centre. All locations needed to be interconnected so that, when emergency calls were received, information about the location of all available resources was made available to all operatives. This allowed decisions to be made about which units to dispatch and instructions issued to the relevant vehicle immediately.

Bespoke solution

Entanet worked with the partner to design a connectivity framework that met the Trust’s needs, implementing high speed leased lines with various data commits. The main connection utilises 30Mbps on a 1Gbps bearer. A variety of smaller capacity connections are used in other locations, the smallest being 2Mbps on a 10Mbps line. These connections are linked into one of Entanet’s London data centres, where a cluster of Cisco switches form a completely interconnected Wide Area Network capable of carrying all the data traffic between the locations. As the centres are on alert 24 hours a day and several critical applications are in use, it is absolutely vital that the network runs without fault and always provides the required level of responsiveness and failover capability.

More for less

The Trust’s existing circuit used BT’s N3 network, specifically set up a few years ago to meet the needs of health services and is now the secondary network. The Entanet solution acts independently as the primary network and provides higher levels of bandwidth while significantly reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Entanet monitors the network 24/7 to ensure that critical systems are always kept running to address any issues and avoid any escalation of a problem. The partner provides the higher level networking and communications advice and support to help the Trust get the best from the solution.

Working together, Entanet and its partner drew on their respective skills and resources to deliver an ideal solution to the Trust. It illustrates how we and our partners’ can together meet customers’ specific needs. In a market proliferated with ‘off-the-peg’ broadband and Ethernet connectivity options, being able to tailor a solution enables them to really stand out from the crowd and approach every opportunity with confidence.

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