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Move your LLU broadband to Entanet for FREE – and we’ll give you CASHBACK!*

{ Posted on Jul 30 2012 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : Broadband, LLU, New Product
Do you have TalkTalk, C&W, Virgin, O2 (BE) or Sky LLU broadband connections with another supplier, or customers who want to move to an LLU broadband service? Move your LLU connections to Entanet for FREE and earn cashback from every ...Read More »

A helping hand in Ethernet

{ Posted on Jul 30 2012 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : EFM, Leased Lines
As a wholesale provider we recognise our responsibility to support partners and help them win successful higher margin solutions business. In recent issues of this newsletter we’ve advised of the profitable opportunities available through reselling Ethernet, leased line and IP ...Read More »

Testing! – synergi Partner Forum

{ Posted on Jul 30 2012 by Claire Dutton }
Categories : synergi
When we developed synergi we wanted to create a highly interactive interface which encouraged communication. That’s why we developed useful new features like the idea network which has already received over 130 ideas since its launch in March 2011 and ...Read More »

Case Study – NHS Trust

{ Posted on Jul 23 2012 by Claire Dutton }
If you want a suit that fits, visit a tailor. Off the peg solutions are fine, most of the time, but if you really want something that meets your needs precisely then you need to see an expert and the ...Read More »