IPv6 – Now available via synergi

{ Posted on Apr 02 2012 }
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IPv4 addresses use a 32-bit system and are rapidly running out. They’re therefore being replaced by IPv6 addresses which provide a 128-bit hexadecimal address that has the potential to make available 2128 individual addresses, which is roughly 340 trillion, trillion, trillion.  That should keep us all going for a while…

IPv6 - available via synergi

IPv6 - available via synergi

Entanet’s partners can now assign IPv6 addresses to new and existing broadband orders via synergi. When placing an order for a new broadband connection, simply select the IPv6 checkbox in the NAT section of the order form. Alternatively, to assign an IPv6 address to an existing broadband account simply select the ‘Re-grade NAT’ option within the order record.

To read more about the dwindling numbers of IPv4 addresses and our theory on why the rest of the industry has been slow to adopt IPv6, visit Entanet’s opinion blog at http://opinion.enta.net.

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